December 21, 2021
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6 Things to Look for in An Online Pharmacy


We get our groceries delivered, we ride-share, we complete banking transactions with a few swipes in an app. As many of our formerly time-consuming errands transition online, it only makes sense that we’d want the same for our prescriptions, too.

A full-service digital pharmacy can take the hassle out of picking up your meds, working with your doctor to process your prescription, deliver it conveniently to your doorstep upon patient request, and answer any questions you might have along the way. (Hint, hint: It’s what we do at Medly.)

But not all online pharmacies are created equal. Read below to learn what you should expect from an online pharmacy—and how to pick one that makes sense for your schedule and needs.

online pharmacy

What is an online pharmacy?

An online pharmacy, internet pharmacy, and mail-order pharmacy are all different names for the same thing: a pharmacy that operates over the Internet. Most operate under the same premise: You can simply order your meds online or through an app, and the pharmacy will deliver your order or send it to you through the mail. It’s both a convenient and a private way to buy your prescription medication.

What are the benefits of an online pharmacy?

Online pharmacies can offer convenience and greater anonymity for consumers, as well as access to specialty medications. For example, if you have limited mobility, or live in a remote area, an online pharmacy will grant you easier access to your meds. Keep your eye out for online pharmacies that also provide additional offerings like the ones listed below.

same day refills

Free, Same-Day Delivery

The ideal digital pharmacy should provide free, same-day delivery. Medly does, however: You can schedule at your convenience, from your laptop or smartphone, or by using our app, calling, or texting. You can have your prescription refilled or a new prescription delivered to your home within a few hours of your order, with no extra charge—which means skipping long lines at your local pharmacy.

Always-On Pharmacy Support

When it comes to your medication and general wellbeing, you have questions. (We get it!) At Medly, we offer ongoing pharmacy support so you can get your concerns heard and your questions answered. If you’re having trouble with side effects, understanding how to take your prescription, or anything else, our clinical experts are available seven days a week, in 12+ languages.

financial assistance

Financial Assistance

Sticker shock is an all-too-real aspect of paying for prescription medications. At Medly, we do our best to help you save money on your meds whenever possible. We work directly with pharmaceutical companies and suppliers to find their best options for financial assistance and monthly payment programs, and we do extensive research to see if there are any available discounts for your prescription.

custom dosing

Custom Medication and Dosage Packaging

Keep forgetting to take your medications ? We make it easier to make it a habit. Customize the way your prescriptions are packaged:Select from an array of medication containers, from vials to blister packets, to simplify your new regimen, or to seamlessly adjust your current one. To us, it’s all in the details.

smart refills

Medication Synchronization & Smart Refills

Worries about refills? We’ll send you a reminder when it’s time to refill your prescription, and we can synchronize your prescriptions so that you’ll only have one monthly delivery—even if you’re dealing with multiple medications.

Your Specialty Pharmacy

If you are a patient who requires specialty medications, make sure the online pharmacy you choose is able to deliver the proper meds you’re prescribed. We carry a full stock of all types of medications, from biologics, and generics, to injectables and brand name medications.

When choosing an online pharmacy, it’s important to assess your own particular needs and to find a pharmacy that’s right for you. If you have questions about any of Medly’s services or offerings, we’d love to chat—a Medly pharmacist is always just a phone call or text away.

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