November 30, 2020
3 min. read

5 Reasons Prescription Delivery is the Future of Healthcare


These days it’s easier than ever to get everything from furniture to food delivered to your doorstep. Luckily, this even includes services that are essential to your health, like prescription delivery. These services allow you to get your prescriptions ordered, filled, and picked up – all without leaving the comfort of your couch. And in light of the coronavirus pandemic, avoiding long lines and crowded pharmacies isn’t just convenient, it’s a necessary part of staying safe and healthy.

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What is prescription delivery? Prescription delivery allows you to get your medications delivered to a location of your choosing. There are two main ways to get your prescriptions delivered, via a digital pharmacy or home delivery. With a digital pharmacy, you can fill your prescription online or through an app after your doctor’s appointment. Home deliveries are offered by some local physical pharmacies that also deliver medication to your home.

Which prescription drugs can be delivered? Because all pharmacies are regulated by state licensing boards, there are different laws for which prescription drugs can be delivered in each state. The most common prescriptions that you can fill online are antibiotics, allergy and asthma medications, but you can also get non-prescription medications like Advil and Tylenol delivered too. Drugs that can cause addiction or dependency, such as painkillers and benzodiazepines, are classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as controlled substances, and are therefore more heavily regulated. Delivery of these medications will vary state by state, with some states requiring you to show your photo ID and sign for delivery.

How has COVID-19 affected the future of pharmacy delivery? By early 2020, patients and providers alike were taking notice of prescription delivery services. The ease and convenience of home medication delivery appealed to patients, while medication adherence and overall health outcomes attracted providers. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, it reshaped the way Americans accessed their healthcare and medications. Standing in line at the local pharmacy was no longer just inconvenient, but a health risk, especially for the elderly and high risk groups. More and more patients sought out prescription delivery in order to limit their exposure to the virus. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, mail-order drug deliveries rose 21% from the previous year during the last week of March. Because of the virus, the state of American healthcare has had to adapt and become increasingly resilient. Part of this adaptation is healthcare’s continuing trend towards services that allow for safe social distancing. The increasing number of COVID cases means that these precautions will remain important for the foreseeable future, setting the stage for prescription delivery services to remain central to the future of healthcare.

What makes Medly’s prescription delivery unique? Medly Pharmacy offers free, same-day delivery for all types of medications. In addition to contactless delivery and tracking, we offer always-on pharmacy support, which means you can contact one of our expert pharmacists with your questions or concerns seven days a week. Our team also researches and applies discounts, reducing your medication costs as much as possible – in fact, we’ve saved patients 12.8 million so far. Sign up for Medly Pharmacy today to join the future of healthcare.

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