September 13, 2021
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How Medly Supports Your Office Staff


Medly offers free, same-day delivery right to your patient’s front door. We don’t ship these medications – we have a team of full-time employees who directly deliver medications to patients by hand. Our smart infrastructure allows us to track orders as well as drug inventory and delivery in real-time, so we can be fully transparent to both the patient and provider.

Our founders are second-generation pharmacy owners with a vast knowledge of the pharmacy landscape. Seeing an opportunity to improve retail pharmacies with technology, Medly was created in an effort to change the experience of pharmacy care.

After establishing our first brick-and-mortar pharmacy in 2017, we’ve since opened stores throughout the East Coast, with nationwide expansion on the horizon. Our goal has always been to be both a support and advocate for patients, but just as importantly an ally to health practices of all shapes and sizes. Part of that commitment is making sure your office staff feels supported by our pharmacy team.

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We provide prior authorization support

According to a 2021 study conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), nearly four in five physicians (79%) said patients abandon treatment due to authorization struggles with health insurers.

We have found that many of our doctor’s offices are burdened with administrative tasks like processing these prior authorizations. At Medly, we proactively follow-up with doctors and patients via phone and text during the prior authorization process to assist in medication fulfillment. Our personalized services help reduce miscommunication and any gaps in the authorization process.

We offer pharmacist consultations via phone or video

Telephone and video consultations are playing a bigger role in the healthcare world because of the demand we all faced during the pandemic. It has allowed patients to access and meet their needs from the comfort and safety of their homes. Here at Medly, we have dedicated pharmacists to assist you with any questions or concerns your patients may have regarding their medications, all at no extra cost.

Patients are learning how innovative and convenient telemedicine really is. There are minimal wait times to talk to a pharmacist. They don’t have to take any time off from work to speak to a health professional. No more standing in line at their local pharmacy either.

Patients can address a variety of health conditions with the online pharmacist. Not only does this speed the delivery of the medicines that patients need, but this also helps take some of the burden off of your office staff, who may typically be fielding such questions when another pharmacy is out of touch.

We will fill the exact medication prescribed

Medly will make sure to fill the exact medication our providers prescribe. The proper medication, dose, and administration are critical aspects of proper medication management. If a patient doesn’t get the right medication prescribed by their doctor and instructed by their pharmacist, it could result in their condition getting worse, or could lead to hospitalization or death.

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Having a solid connection with your pharmacist and health care provider is a very important factor in regard to medication adherence. Medly is an expert in providing the right medications to patients all the time. This includes providing transparent cost information to patients and helping them locate resources that help make medications more affordable. We try to be experts when it comes to pharmaceutical coupons, rebates and other financial assistance programs, so your office staff doesn’t have to.

We arrange refill reminders

We take medication adherence seriously at Medly. Our Refill Management Team works with patients and providers to ensure continuous medication coverage. A reminder is sent 15-20 days before it is time to refill a medication. If any issues arise with processing the refill, we’ll escalate directly to your team to get the prescription processed. Refill renewals can be processed by electronic request, phone or fax.

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Our Model Sets Us Apart Medly has created a stronger healthcare ecosystem with greater efficiency and automation across the board with various stakeholders – including patients, manufacturers, hospitals, insurance payers, and providers, like you. Our accredited staff, customer services teams and access to limited distribution drugs allow us to provide savings and find efficiencies for everyone.

We understand that it may be new for you to have such direct contact with a pharmacy, but at Medly, we are dedicated to having close relationships with doctor’s offices so we can help with all the paperwork insurance companies often request. We want to make sure we’re making life easier for you, your staff and of course, your patients, too.

Have questions? Reach out to us today by calling or texting 718-782-7539 or email us at

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