August 11, 2020
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Making Medly Magic: Taking Care of Baltimore


We here at Medly Pharmacy are excited to announce our expansion into Baltimore, marking the fourth state in which we operate. We already service New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and we are excited to add Baltimore, Maryland to our slate.

As Medly expands into Baltimore, we are privileged to take care of patients of the former Medicine Shoppe pharmacy in the Baltimore area. Medly, which is now open in Baltimore, Maryland, is introducing Dr. Rohit Patel RPH, the pharmacist who established our Baltimore location.

The Medicine Shoppe’s former pharmacist Rohit Patel has been serving communities since 1990. As Medicine Shoppe pharmacy owner, Patel served the community for over 23 years.

Now, Medly, which is hitting Baltimore, Maryland with all the classic Medly benefits our patients already know and love, will step in to make sure that Patel’s patients experience a seamless transition between Medicine Shoppe and Medly as well as all the benefits Medly has to offer.

Patel chose to become a pharmacist due to his interest in math and science, as well as the flexibility of choosing a career from options such as community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, research and development, and more.

He also had a “passion to help people with their lifestyle, choosing the right medicine for certain medical conditions, and collaborating with doctors,” said Patel. For Patel, pharmacy was a “unique way to approach healthcare.”

Patel is excited for Medly’s new investment in his Baltimore community as Medly expands into Maryland. “Medly Pharmacy is also a community care pharmacy,” he said. “They are many steps ahead of me so the community will get more benefit from Medly Pharmacy. I believe in the mission that Medly has and I’m happy to have contributed to the success for my patients and for the community.”

These benefits which the Baltimore, Maryland community will now be able to enjoy include free same-day delivery, insurance coordination, always-on pharmacy support, expert consultations and more. As a tech-driven healthcare company we are devoted to supporting patient adherence with improved quality measures such as dosage packaging, improved routing technology and so on.

“Working closely with our patients and offering services such as same-day free delivery, technology to help patients manage their medications, and applying manufacturer discounts are just some of the added benefits that we are bringing to Baltimore patients,” said Dr. Marg Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Medly. “The impact of COVID-19 has led to a surge of digital health and delivery services nationwide. With medication management and adherence increasingly become a challenge, the gaps we are filling have become even more critical.”

Medly is proud to come to Maryland and help serve the Baltimore community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As this pandemic runs its course, Medly has become the go-to resource for patients, providers, insurance companies and manufacturers to offer prescription services remotely. We here at Medly are beyond excited to open up our new location in Baltimore, Maryland and to share with the community of Baltimore all the services enjoyed by our patients in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Medly is located at 288 East Green Street in Westminster, Maryland. Long-time customers will still be able to visit their trusted pharmacy as they usually would, only now with the added conveniences and benefits that Medly has to offer.

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