July 2, 2020
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Making Medly Magic: Ritesh the Driver


The Delivery team has the most direct contact with patients out of any team at Medly, which means Drivers are offered continuous training on how to best embody the Medly Way in every delivery they make. This training occurs weekly, focusing on customer service. The training starts with empathy, humility, and customer service at its core.

Our Driver Ritesh, part of the New Jersey Delivery team, has been with Medly since the company was founded. In his interactions with his patients, he works hard to create excellent patient experiences for reasons that are close to home.


“I have family in the medical business, and I’m very proud of them,” Ritesh said as one reason why he chose to work for Medly over any other company. But that’s not the only reason why: Medly enables Ritesh to do something that comes naturally to him, which is helping others. “I love helping wherever I can. I am very polite and I take care of our customers, so that’s why I am where I am,” he said.

This dovetails perfectly with the training our Medly Drivers receive. “When I have new hires, I always tell them that customer service is the most important thing,” assistant supervisor AJ stated. Having a conversation with a patient, even a short one while gathering signatures, can truly brighten a patient’s day.

When it comes to difficult customer experience moments, Ritesh handles matters professionally. “I don’t argue with people. I don’t like to ruin relationships with a patient unnecessarily,” he said. It’s all about empathy and meeting people where they are. If a patient is upset, Ritesh doesn’t take it personally, as you never know the reason behind somebody’s bad mood. After all, a patient might even be in pain as they wait for their medication.

But no matter how the patient approaches him, Ritesh treats all of his delivery clients with the same kindness and empathy that makes him an exemplary Driver.

“I want to see everybody happy and healthy. That’s all I want to see,” said Ritesh. “Life is not smooth, there are hiccups and you have to deal with it.”

Logistics manager Jordan leads the team that creates protocols for Driver interactions during patient deliveries to enable the best possible patient experience. “Medly’s patient care starts with the Rx (Pharmacy) and CX (Customer Experience) Departments before the prescription even gets to Delivery, so it’s our job to finish strong,” said Jordan. “We make sure drivers are properly educated and trained in the way we want things to be done — the Medly Way.”

Supervisor Javier explained that part of the Medly Way includes making sure patients receive their deliveries within a three-hour window. The Delivery team’s goal is to successfully deliver the patient prescription within that window every single time. This is done through the thoughtful deployment of logistics strategies and resources.

As Medly grows, Ritesh hopes to see this high level of communication continue to be an organizational priority. “We’re here to improve communication with the patient and everybody else,” he said. “Together, we can make it perfect.”

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