July 2, 2020
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Making Medly Magic: Our Delivery Teams’ Culture and Purpose


At Medly, our Delivery teams embody our mission to ensure every person has access to the prescriptions they need and deserve. They enable Medly to fulfill our promise of providing patients’ equal and easy access to their prescriptions, especially during COVID-19. Our teams currently deliver prescriptions to NYC, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

In this article, we’ll highlight the culture and motivation of our Delivery teams, as well as how they approach the purpose of their work within our essential service industry.

Mission, Vision and Culture: Why Are People Drawn to Work for Medly?

“I was drawn to Medly because I had applicable experience doing on-demand delivery in a startup environment around the NYC area,” said Jordan, Medly’s Logistics Manager. Jordan is an example of the diverse talent we attract at Medly, who joined without prior pharmacy experience. Because we work to utilize the unique strengths of each individual, Jordan has been able to apply his prior managerial experience to the pharmacy industry.

Javier, Delivery Supervisor in NY, had prior pharmacy experience but joined Medly because of our dedication to serving all five boroughs of NYC. And Medly’s company culture brought in Grantley, Delivery Supervisor in NJ.

“You are part of something that means more here,” he told us.

Medly is committed to training and developing our talent in all departments so they may learn more about the pharmacy and healthcare industry. AJ, Delivery Assistant Supervisor in PA, is particularly excited by the growth opportunities within our organization, like many other employees who choose to join Medly.

Being an Essential Business: How Medly Matters

Medly Pharmacy is considered an essential business, which means we’ll continue to stay open during times of quarantine. Our Delivery teams understand the importance of their work, and we continue serving patients and delivering their prescriptions throughout lockdown.

As a leader for our delivery teams, Jordan has a direct impact on Medly patient experiences. His team frequently revisits our processes and protocols in order to ensure that prescriptions are in the hands of our patients as soon as possible.

Since Javier is a Superivsor, he hears first-hand from our Drivers regarding patient experiences. “I not only enjoy helping my team, but also watching the satisfaction of the Drivers when they’re able to help patients,” he explained.

Grantley knows the sense of responsibility Medly employees feel. “Nothing we do is small. Every delivery we make is something important to somebody,” he said. “If an employee didn’t already have a serious sense of responsibility and purpose before joining the Medly team, you’re handed this the minute you’re hired. What you do with it, and your longevity with the company, shows your ability to adapt to that responsibility.”

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