August 10, 2020
3 min. read

Making Medly Magic: Josiah the Driver


Josiah the Driver is another Medly success story who has created memorable patient experiences along every route. He took on the Medly experience because Medly provides Drivers with the tools and independence they need to thrive.

‘I was driving a truck for a company and there was no room to move up,’ said Josiah. ‘Part of working for Medly was to have that ability to move up and have my own independence too.’

He came on board with Medly back when Medly had just launched as a brand-new start-up company several years ago, and says that growing with the company has been an amazing feeling.

‘I can’t ask for better supervisors, really friendly, really nice, don’t care what problem you have, they always work with you,’ he said. As the company grows, Josiah hopes there are more positions of authority available for Drivers to grow into, such as Supervisors and Managers.

When it comes to the patient experience, delivering those memorable Medly moments along with their medication is something that Josiah treasures. ‘I love getting people medicine. I love delivering to people and putting a smile on their face,’ he said. His patients show their appreciation by leaving water out for him and greeting him whenever they see that he is the delivery driver on their route.

One of our delivery Supervisors, Grantley, knows the sense of responsibility Medly employees feel when it comes to their patients. ‘Nothing we do is small. Every delivery we make is something important to somebody,’ he said. ‘If an employee didn’t already have a serious sense of responsibility and purpose before joining the Medly team, you’re handed this the minute you’re hired. What you do with it, and your longevity with the company, shows your ability to adapt to that responsibility.’

To Josiah, family is very important. An immigrant from Trinidad, he left his children behind on the island until he could bring them with him. Years later, the family is back together again. ‘I love the movies. I love taking my kids to the movies and it’s the only time we really get to spend with each other,’ he said.

Josiah has a passion for cars that lines up neatly with his work now as a Driver. ‘My dad had a garage and that was what we did all my life,’ he said. ‘Most of the basic stuff like change the oil, the brake pads, simple things on the car. I do buy beat up cars and fix them up. I have a Grand Cherokee that I’m completely doing over now.’

Our Delivery teams, led by Jordan, AJ, Grantley and Javier across New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia, represent the touchpoint between Medly Pharmacy and our patients. That moment of handoff between Driver and patient isn’t just a point of necessary contact, but a moment of Medly magic. In our series spotlighting our Drivers and Delivery teams, we hope you’ll see how Medly can make magic for you, too.

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