August 17, 2020
2 min. read

Making Medly Magic: Henry the Driver


At Medly, our Delivery teams embody our mission to ensure every person has access to the prescriptions they need and deserve. They enable Medly to fulfill our promise of providing patients’ equal and easy access to their prescriptions, especially during COVID-19. Our teams currently deliver prescriptions to NYC, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

“I was drawn to Medly because I had applicable experience doing on-demand delivery in a startup environment around the NYC area,” said Jordan, Medly’s Logistics Director. Jordan is an example of the diverse talent we attract at Medly, who joined without prior pharmacy experience. But because we work to utilize the unique strengths of each individual, Jordan has been able to apply his prior managerial experience to the pharmacy industry.

Our Delivery Driver Henry used to work in restaurant management. He said he’s quite happy to have made the switch to the pharmacy industry. “My customer service expertise dealing with people carried over and is very helpful for this kind of job that I’m doing now,” he said.

A family man who loves baseball and basketball, Henry says his family and his job are his top priorities in his life. His favorite thing about working in pharmacy is being able to help Medly’s patients, especially the elderly, during the pandemic. “Helping people with health problems. I’m so glad that I can do that, especially the elderly people. I love to do this for them,” Henry said.

As far as Medly’s COVID precautions, Henry is satisfied. “We’re doing well with the supplies, giving out masks and gloves and alcohol,” he said.

In creating Medly magic, Henry believes that timeliness is critical. “Time is very important because people are expecting their medicine. It’s something for their life so I always have that in my mind. For people this is a lifesaving job, and I enjoy it,” he said.

In fact, his hopes for Medly’s future rest on the promise of timeliness. He hopes that the route creation software continues to improve. He also hopes Medly continues to build out a pool of Drivers to build community with. “I think as we grow, I would like to see a better community with our drivers,” he said.

A big part of investing time and energy into a company is being able to see oneself as part of its future, and our employees stay with us because they see a world of possibility ahead. Our Delivery team hopes for a radiant future with Medly as we expand our services and offerings across the healthcare and wellness sphere.

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