August 3, 2020
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Making Medly Magic: Georgette the Driver


At Medly, our Delivery teams embody our mission to ensure every person has access to the prescriptions they need and deserve. They enable Medly to fulfill our promise of providing patients’ equal and easy access to their prescriptions, especially during COVID-19. Our teams currently deliver prescriptions to NYC, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Georgette the Driver has a lot of driving experience, considering she used to manage a parking garage and also worked as an Uber driver before joining Medly. Georgette is especially grateful for the opportunity to manage her own schedule without pressure, as she takes care of five grandkids.

‘Management asks you if you would like to do this, would you like to change your schedule, they’re always open, they communicate with you very well and give you the choice to do what you want. And if you want to move forward you can always talk to them and they always will be able to discuss that with you also,’ she explained.

Georgette loves seeing happy faces wherever she delivers medication. ‘I love to bring that medication to the client on time and with no worries. That way they have the confidence that this is somewhere they can always get their meds. They can depend on our company to bring their meds to them,’ she said. That priceless moment of patient connection is what she most values about being a part of the healthcare and pharmacy industry.

Team supervisor Grantley knows the sense of responsibility Medly employees feel. ‘Nothing we do is small. Every delivery we make is something important to somebody,’ he said. ‘If an employee didn’t already have a serious sense of responsibility and purpose before joining the Medly team, you’re handed this the minute you’re hired. What you do with it, and your longevity with the company, shows your ability to adapt to that responsibility.’

Georgette’s dedication to customer satisfaction shines, especially when a patient isn’t present at their home at the time of delivery. On such occasions, she calls the patient multiple times to confirm their location and checks with the office to make sure the delivery can be rescheduled for a time that is more convenient to the patient.

Alternatively, the office can reroute that delivery trip to ensure the patient still gets those medications the same day. ‘Those are things that let the patient know that you really want them to have their meds as early as they can get it,’ Georgette said.

In addition to serving as a Medly Driver, Georgette is the secretary of her neighborhood block association, a position she has been in since 2012. ‘I’m passionate about people,’ she said. ‘I’m always doing something for the people in my neighborhood.’ She cares deeply about welcoming her community into the issues that matter to them and making sure that community members know she is always someone that has their back. ‘That quick moment of happiness, of joy, of realizing that people are there for you if you need them—there’s always people looking to help you. I always want people to know that in their heads,’ she said.

As Medly expands, Georgette hopes we continue to extend the same consideration to our drivers that we have shown throughout COVID-19. ‘I continued working through COVID even though I was scared out of my wits to leave my house,’ she said. She cited Medly’s precautions for drivers, including supplies of gloves, masks, alcohol, and wellness tea, as well as food for the Drivers doing their shifts. ‘A lot of companies wouldn’t do that, and never did that,’ she said. ‘Always consider the drivers.’

That moment of handoff between Driver and patient isn’t just a point of necessary contact, but a moment of Medly magic that means the world to ourselves and our employees. In our series spotlighting our Drivers and Delivery teams, we hope you’ll see how Medly can make magic for you, too.

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