July 2, 2020
3 min. read

Making Medly Magic: Edwin the Driver


A big part of investing time and energy into a company is being able to see oneself as part of its future, and our employees stay with us because they see a world of possibility ahead. Our Delivery team hopes for a radiant future with Medly as we expand our services and offerings across the healthcare and wellness sphere.

Our Driver Edwin says that before Medly, he was doing deliveries for an ice cream company, but he became dissatisfied with the company and began to search for new employment. Medly drew his attention because of the seamless experience he had after applying. “I told Logistics Manager Jordan I had a child, and he was very understanding with the child part and my son having school. He told me the hours, and it was very convenient for me with my personal life and my work life,” Edwin explained.

Beyond that, Edwin is excited by “the whole process of how Medly works.” He said, “Everyone is for each other. It’s one team, one dream. Everybody knows that if you help the person next to them it makes their job easier and it goes down from top to bottom, all the way down to the delivery itself.”

As far as making deliveries goes, Edwin makes every effort to treat each patient with sympathy and understanding. “Greet the patient with all respect. ‘Good morning, good afternoon, how are you doing, I have your medication with me,’” he said, describing what his typical delivery stop experience is like. “I’m not allowed to look in the bags, but I tell them, ‘I have your medication.’ Sometimes when I get there they’re already expecting me, but sometimes they’re expecting a certain medication they’re waiting for. I try to explain, ‘I’m not allowed to look in the bag, but I believe this is the medication you’re looking for,’ and that’s it.”

Edwin considers himself a homebody who loves being at home with his family more than anything else. After five days of working, he is more than happy to relax and unwind with a plate of food in front of a sports game on television, especially in the midst of the coronavirus. He takes nothing for granted. “Especially with this virus, people are losing their jobs and stuff like that, it’s crazy,” he said.

Moving into the future, he hopes to see Medly continue living the ethos of ‘one team, one dream.’ “Help the next man, help the next woman,” he said. “Everybody helps each other and everybody’s lives will be easier from top to bottom, all the way down to delivering to the patient. The filling, the scheduling, the offices, all the way down to the delivery drivers. Everybody helps each other out, especially during this time.”

Speaking to the unique culture of collaboration and success Medly has created, Supervisor Grantley added, “Considering employees and finding ways to be more flexible and considerate to employees is one thing that has allowed Medly to become what it is today. I hope that never changes and it keeps that family vibe.”

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