July 2, 2020
2 min. read

Making Medly Magic: Byron the Driver


As a pharmacy, Medly is considered an essential business. That means quarantine rules about locking down businesses do not apply to Medly, which indicates a responsibility that our Delivery teams hold close at heart. Even when the rest of the world shuts down, Medly is out there providing essential pharmacy services to our patients, and our Delivery team takes that very seriously.

Our Driver Byron, part of the Pennsylvania delivery team, knows how much Medly’s work means to the patients he serves. “I know that I’m helping somebody and their needs. I feel like I want to contribute to helping people and I feel like I can do it this way doing something I like, which is driving,” he said. “I smile, I greet them and just have a bright energy for them.”

This ties in directly to the Medly Way, which is how our Drivers are trained to see themselves and their patients. This training occurs weekly, focusing on customer service. The training starts with empathy, humility, and customer service at its core. “When I have new hires, I always tell them that customer service is the most important thing,” assistant supervisor AJ stated. Having a conversation with a patient, even a short one while gathering signatures, can positively impact a patient’s mood.

One of Byron’s favorite things to do happens to be driving, which means he gets to spend time all day long doing what he loves, and meeting the patients is a welcome addition to his daily routine. “Meeting and greeting them brightens my day,” he said.

Outside of work, Byron is interested in sports and real estate. While an accident in high school ended his chances at a professional career, he still helps his nephew and his friends in their training sessions. “My mom owns her house and I follow a lot of people in real estate, and I just like having an idea of getting a house and rebuilding it – flipping a house,” he said.

As Medly grows, Byron hopes it keeps the youthful and vibrant start-up energy that makes it so distinct. “I just hope whenever I come into any Medly, the energy is always uplifting. I hope Medly makes sure the patients get what they need and the energy is always positive.”

Speaking to the unique culture of collaboration and success Medly has created, supervisor Grantley added, “Considering employees and finding ways to be more flexible and considerate to employees is one thing that has allowed Medly to become what it is today. I hope that never changes and it keeps that family vibe.”

Ultimately, our Drivers represent the touchpoint between Medly Pharmacy and our patients. That moment of handoff between Driver and patient isn’t just a point of necessary contact, but a moment of Medly magic. “As long as the patient’s happy, I’m happy,” said Byron.

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