November 11, 2020
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Introducing Medly Pharmacist Beatriz


Happy Pharmacist’s Month from Medly! In this series from Medly we get to know some of our pharmacists, whose contributions to Medly have been immeasurable. Today we are introduced to Beatriz, one of our pharmacists here at Medly Pharmacy.

Beatriz chose to become a pharmacist because of the exciting nature of this career path. “It combined the fun of science with a fast paced environment and patient care,” she said. “There is never a dull moment!”

To anyone who is considering a pharmacy career, Beatriz advises that they brush up on their communication skills. “Anyone interested in becoming a pharmacist should not only have strong clinical knowledge, but also strong communication skills,” she said. “If we are not verifying insurance, we are always talking to someone. Whether it is a team member or a patient, it is important to be able to express yourself clearly and professionally.”

Being a pharmacist has taught Beatriz patience and quick-mindedness. “Being a pharmacist has taught me to be much more patient because we work with the older population,” she shared. “Also, we need to come up with solutions to problems rather quickly because important decisions need to be made in this fast-paced environment.”

Beatriz passes along her patience and quick-mindedness to her patients, in order to help them better manage their own medications. “I believe the best way for patients to better self manage and stay compliant is to help them understand their medications,” she said. “Counseling can help achieve this.”

By counseling, Beatriz means reviewing why a medication was prescribed, how it’s going to help the patient, what side effects it has, when to take it, and so on. This process “can really empower and motivate them to take control of their health,” she added.

In fact, one of the most common questions Beatriz is faced with regards what time to take a medication. “This is such an important question,” she said. “For example, many medications should only be taken at night because they may cause sleepiness, while others should be taken during the day because they can keep you up all night!” Though this is a common question, it’s still a consideration that is valid for a wide range of people.

Speaking of a wide range of people, Beatriz chose to join Medly because of Medly’s forward-looking and future-minded attitude, which could affect entire communities. “I was excited to learn about the vision the team had to update our industry with new technology and expand pharmacy services in innovative ways. Who doesn’t want to be part of that journey?” she said.

Beatriz has some simple, common-sense pharmacist advice for anyone looking not to get sick, especially in these pandemic times. She advises to wash hands often, which “avoids any spreading of germs to yourself and others”; to eat fruits and veggies, which “will provide your body with nutrients that will boost your immune system”; and to exercise, which “also helps boost your immune system and keep you overall healthy.”

Outside of work, Beatriz loves to stay active herself by hiking and going to the gym. She has spent the quarantine finally learning to cook.

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