July 22, 2021
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Introducing Atlanta Pharmacist in Charge, Xanthea Dowell


Part of our mission at Medly is to eliminate “pharmacy deserters,” and to provide patients with the necessary access and tools to properly adhere to their medications. With this in mind, we’ve expanded to a new location in Atlanta. As the fourth fastest-growing metro area in the country, Atlanta’s existing pharmacies are going to encounter unprecedented demand – and we’ve arrived to fill that gap.

At Medly Atlanta, the highly trained and knowledgeable staff are an essential element of our elevated standard of pharmacy care we bring to the local community. One such staff member is Pharmacist in Charge, Xanthea Dowell.

Dowell was born in Atlanta, and raised in Atlanta’s greater metro area. After graduating from Riverwood High School, she attended Albany State University in Albany, GA where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In 2009, she graduated from South University School of Pharmacy in Savannah, GA and has been living and working in Atlanta ever since.

Dowell finds her career as Pharmacist in Charge at Medly to be a rewarding one.

“The most rewarding thing about being a pharmacistmis knowing that by providing the patient proper education and ensuring they’re knowledgeable about their own medications and regimens, you have made a significant impact on improving their healthcare overall.”

The importance of your friendly pharmacist shouldn’t be overlooked. “Pharmacists,” Dowell says, “are the real medication experts and often regularly help out physicians.”

What Dowell enjoys most about working at Medly Atlanta is the diversity. “Atlanta contains an interesting medley of people. One comes in contact with many different types of people, cultures, and conditions.” She also appreciates the efficiency. At Medly, she says, “There are many departments that collaborate efficiently to achieve the uniform outcome of making patient care easier for everyone involved.”

And Dowell has seen this efficiency pay off.

“We had a patient who was trying to get her insurance to approve her biologic prescription for an unspecified amount of time. Our team was able to get it approved quickly. The patient wanted to be sure everyone who was involved with getting it approved and at the pharmacy knew how thankful she was that we were able to get her prescription approved.”

When the patient got in touch with her doctor’s office, she asked them, “Do you happen to know whether they help people in Virginia? Or whether they’re hiring? Because they are truly amazing. Thanks so much to everyone involved!” For Dowell, those memories are the rewards of working at Medly.

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When it comes to life outside of work, Dowell enjoys spending time with her family, being outside, and staying active. “If there is a trail for biking, jogging, or walking,” she says, “you will find me out there!”

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