May 4, 2021
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Valisure and Medly Pharmacy Announce Partnership to Improve Drug Safety


Valisure and Medly Pharmacy today announced their partnership to provide Medly customers with Valisure certified drug products. As the fastest-growing digital pharmacy, Medly was looking for a strategic partner to respond to increased demand while maintaining the distribution of high-quality medications. As a nationally recognized leader in medication quality assurance, Valisure launched the first pharmacy to dispense independently certified medications, making it a natural partner.

Valisure’s analytical laboratory will conduct independent chemical analysis of generic drug products sold by Medly’s expanding pharmacy network. This partnership will help to ensure thousands of patients and healthcare systems in multiple states have access to Valisure’s enhanced quality assurance.

Valisure’s detection of serious drug quality issues over the past two years has had industry-wide impact, including broad recalls of ranitidine, a once common antacid medication, metformin, a top diabetes drug, and recently an investigation of carcinogenic contamination of hand sanitizers. Valisure tests drug products for the concentration of ingredients, dissolution, and the presence of various contaminants and carcinogens.

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With Medly’s same-day delivery services, customers can be assured that, in addition to receiving high quality certified drugs, they also do not have to worry about crushed vials, damaged medications, or drugs exposed to extreme temperatures — all barriers that traditional pharmacies face when shipping medications.

“The relationship between Valisure and a rapidly growing industry partner like Medly signals to the healthcare community that increased transparency and quality assurance in the global pharmaceutical supply chain is critical now more than ever. With Medly, we have found a like-minded partner who understands and values Valisure’s mission of working to independently ensure the quality and safety of the U.S. drug supply and bring this benefit directly to patients.” -David Light, CEO and Founder of Valisure

Launched in 2017, Medly has quickly grown into a category-leading digital pharmacy known for continuously innovating and setting the leading edge of the fast-growing digital pharmacy segment. Medly provides no-cost prescription delivery to customers’ homes from its branded physical retail locations, accommodating walk-in patients. Medly maximizes convenience and personalized service, enabling customers to schedule their delivery window, consult with pharmacists, and manage their prescriptions directly from a desktop or mobile app.

“Medly is very excited to be able to bring Valisure’s unique capabilities and online pharmacy to our rapidly growing business of over 50,000 patients and 15,000 providers. It is part of the mission of Medly to seek out ways to improve patient care and continue to bring our customers an unrivaled pharmacy experience. We believe that through this partnership with Valisure we are continuing to demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality of care for our patients.” – Marg Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Medly

How to Switch to Medly

Patients can transfer their prescriptions to Medly by visiting the website Medly, download the iOS application, call, or visit the pharmacy, or ask their doctor to send their prescriptions directly to Medly.

About Valisure

Valisure’s core mission is to independently check the chemical composition of drug products before they reach consumers and deliver that transparency and visible quality assurance to patients, doctors, and the broader healthcare ecosystem. Valisure accomplishes this mission through partnerships with healthcare stakeholders engaged in patient care. In response to rising concerns about counterfeit medications, generics, and overseas manufacturing, Valisure’s team of Harvard- and Yale-trained scientists developed proprietary analytical technologies to screen out poor-quality batches. Every medication or supplement Valisure analyzes comes with a certificate of analysis listing important chemical properties of the samples analyzed at Valisure’s lab. Valisure has ISO 17025 accreditation and is DEA and FDA registered.

About Medly Pharmacy

Medly Pharmacy is a full-service, digital pharmacy that delivers a patient’s prescriptions to their door for free on the same day, in New York City, New Jersey, Miami, Philadelphia, Raleigh, and Baltimore. The digital experience makes managing prescriptions simple, efficient, smart, and most importantly, safe for customers. More information can be found at Medly.

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