March 7, 2022
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Introducing Medly360, Our New All-in-One App for Providers


Today at Medly Pharmacy we’re excited to announce the launch of Medly360, a web based application for providers to track prescriptions, expedite prior authorizations, and communicate with the Medly Pharmacy team—all in one place. 

Why Medly360? 

At Medly, we’ve been working with doctors offices and clinical staff teams since 2017 to provide seamless prescription delivery to their patients. Now, with the launch of Medly360, we’re focusing on providing doctor’s offices with the same degree of elevated service. For busy providers and staff burdened with juggling processing tasks, questions, and multiple communication channels, Medly360 provides a live dashboard for seamless prescription tracking, prior authorization support, and pharmacy communication. Our goal is to make this all easier for you so you can focus on what you do best: Providing the best possible care to your patients.

medly 360 dashboard

Prescription Processing Made Easy 

Medly360 will reduce the burden on providers and staff of unnecessary tasks and unanswered questions. With a clear, consolidated tasks lists and historical prescription information for each patient, there’s no more waiting on the phone with a pharmacy representative trying to track down the information you need. Medly360 also provides prior authorization support every step of the way

No More Guesswork 

Wondering if a patient picked up their prescription? That’s what Medly360 is for. With Medly360, you’ll have a transparent, detailed, and organized prescription status feature, along with a proactive task lists with clear “to-do’s,” timestamps and completion reminders. And if you’re looking up a specific patient, you can use our dynamic search tool to do just that. 

Medly 360 app

Delivering Peace of Mind 

With one view into all the information you need and easy way to contact our expert pharmacy and clinical staff at the ready, you’ll experience fewer gaps in communication. Experience the support of our full staff and we will work with you to put your patients first, every time. 

Want to learn more or request a demo?

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