August 27, 2020
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Medly Pharmacy Meets Miami, Surpassing Expectations


We here at Medly Pharmacy are excited to announce our expansion into Miami, marking the fifth state in which we operate. We already service New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, and we are beyond thrilled to add Miami, Florida to our slate.

Former pharmacist at Great Care Pharmacy (now Medly Pharmacy) Dr. Emmanuel Nwofor has been taking care of patients for two decades. We’re honored to continue caring for Dr. Nwofor’s longtime patients at our new Medly Pharmacy location and become part of the Miami community.

“I chose to become a pharmacist to not only contribute positively to healthcare delivery, but to also ensure that the right patient gets the right medication and most importantly at the right time,” said Dr. Nwofor, who has been serving patients in the Miami area for over twenty years.

Dr. Nwofor has peace of mind knowing that Medly will be taking care of his patients and ensuring continuity of care in his community. Medly’s services include free same-day delivery, professional pharmacy consultation, copay and financial assistance programs to help patients get the lowest possible price for their medication, support in over a dozen languages and more.

“Medly’s professional approach to pharmacy services is highly impressive,” said Dr. Nwofor, “notably, their second-to-none customer service and same day delivery of medications to patients.”

One thing Medly does that impressed Dr. Nwofor is how Medly works with multiple stakeholders to make the process as hands free and seamless for patients. “By Medly providing all the aforementioned services and more, patients will definitely be eager to join the Medly family of clients to save time and money while taking advantage of their unmatched professional services.”

“The traditional pharmacy experience has had many challenges, oftentimes making filling prescriptions difficult and inconvenient, which has been an issue especially for those who are on strict daily medication regimens,” said Dr. Marg Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Medly.

“Our goal has been to evolve that experience, and we’ve seen great success and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from doctors and patients in our existing markets. With the uptick in confirmed COVID-19 cases in Miami, the region needs our services now more than ever. We want to be a resource for patients in the area looking for safe, alternative methods to quickly and easily receive their medications, without the need to leave their homes.”

Medly will operate out of 2505 NW 54th Street in Miami, formerly Great Care Pharmacy.

Existing customers will be able to continue tapping into the expertise of their local pharmacy – walking in to order and pick up medications if they choose to – but now they will also have access to the full-service pharmacy support and countless other conveniences that Medly offers.

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