July 20, 2021
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Medly Pharmacy Opens Atlanta Location Accelerating National Footprint


Medly Pharmacy, the leading digital pharmacy that offers free same-day prescription delivery, today announced its expansion into the Atlanta metro area. Through Medly’s tech-enabled pharmacy platform, residents within a 50-mile radius of Medly’s new location will have access to same-day prescription services. For those patients who prefer to maintain the traditional in-person experience, they can visit Medly’s brick-and-mortar location at 714 Moreland Ave. SE, Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Medly Pharmacy is aiming to move into every metro area within the next five years, with the hopes of eliminating ‘pharmacy deserts’ and providing patients the necessary access and tools to properly adhere to medications as prescribed by doctors. At the outset of 2021, the leading digital pharmacy eyed Atlanta as a priority with the knowledge that Atlanta is the fourth fastest-growing metro area in the country. This rapid growth is poised to place unprecedented demand on existing pharmacies and Medly is positioned to fill that gap.

Medly Atlanta

Medly’s medication adherence-focused services such as a dedicated customer service team, a ‘Medication Adherence Program’ platform, medication reminders, personalized dosage packaging, and medication synchronization empower patients to overcome social determinants of health and other challenges to access their medications and take them as prescribed. With the mission to “democratize the pharmacy”, Medly aims to reach communities that are facing barriers to care by solving common issues such as access, communication, and proper medication education. Nationwide, these barriers pose a particularly pernicious burden for America’s elderly population, with 89% of adults aged 65 or older taking prescription drugs, but 45% reporting that they have struggled to access their medication.

“Opening Atlanta is a monumental milestone for the Medly family. The booming population growth is a marker of prosperity in the state’s capital, but medical infrastructure must keep up and be able to meet the needs of residents. We look forward to hitting the ground running in Atlanta and providing a 360-degree pharmacy service for all.” – Dr. Marg Patel, CEO and Cofounder of Medly.

How to Switch to Medly

Patients that wish to switch their preferred pharmacy to Medly can download the iOS application, visit the pharmacy, or ask their doctor to send their prescriptions to Medly.

Atlanta Pharmacy

About Medly Pharmacy

Medly Pharmacy is a full-service, digital pharmacy that delivers patient’s prescriptions to their door for free on the same day in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, and Raleigh. Medly Pharmacy is the fastest-growing digital pharmacy, having raised $100 million in a Series B fundraising round in July 2020 to democratize access to the pharmacy across the nation. Medly’s digital experience makes managing prescriptions simple, efficient, smart, and most importantly, safe for customers. More information can be found at https://medly.com/en-us.

CONTACT: press@medlypharmacy.com

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