October 12, 2021
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Medication Therapy Management: How pharmacists are extending your medical practice


Medication therapy management is an important component in helping improve compliance and positive outcomes amongst patients, particularly elderly patients or those who have been diagnosed with chronic conditions. Read below to see how Medly can help facilitate successful medication management in your patients.

What is Medication Therapy Management?

Medication therapy management (MTM) is a proactive approach to increasing communication and understanding between providers, patients and also pharmacists. This group of coordinated care actions and services works to improve medication adherence and safety.

MTM has five core elements:

  • A comprehensive medication review
  • A patient personal medication record
  • A medication-related action plan
  • Intervention or referral when needed
  • Documentation and follow-up.

medication therapy Medication therapy management is particularly important as an outpatient treatment strategy after a hospitalization, a new diagnosis, or when a treatment protocol isn’t working effectively. An evaluation process allows physicians to inventory medications with their patient, ask questions about medication practice, and evaluate each individual medication, supplement, and vitamin a patient is regularly taking.

Why is Medication Therapy Management important?

Is a medication contraindicated due to a patient’s history? Is the patient experiencing a side effect that is causing them to skip some doses? Are there factors that are limiting their access to a specific medication, such as limited mobility or a break-down in caregiving communication?

No matter how effective medication may be in its clinical trials, the real world can present other challenges that negatively affect outcomes. Asking questions such as these can bring to light barriers and help find solutions that transform outcomes for the better.

When a patient does not understand their medication routine, or something prevents them from following their routine, the risks are significant, and may include overdosing and underdosing which can worsen their diagnosis.

How Medication Therapy Management Can Improve Health Outcomes for Your Patients

Poor medication adherence leads to poor health outcomes and increased costs. But MTM shows promising results in helping to bridge the gap and increase adherence. In one study by the Ohio Department of Health, three health centers that were able to implement MTM found a 68% improvement in hypertension control in patients after six months in the program.

patient medication management

How Can Medly Help You with Patient Medication Therapy Management

One concern physicians may have is the additional time strain that MTM can place on staff, because MTM does require additional time in the form of conversations between staff and patients and their families. This includes the time of completing an accurate medication list and follow-up meetings.

When patients use Medly, we not only support their care, but we help support a practice’s office staff as well by implementing an MTM. Because Medly takes an innovative approach to pharmacy services, we work to be the partner between physicians and patients. That means we provide additional services beyond just medication fulfillment that include:

Adherence Metrics Medly can help with data that gives you information on patient medication compliance.

Expert Consultations Our staff are available 24/7 to be there to answer patient questions via phone, video or text. This includes questions and concerns about side effects, dosages, payments, and insurance coverage. These are questions that many times a provider may be called upon to answer, but with Medly, that need is minimized.

Prior Authorization Support Paperwork can be a major challenge for overworked practices. Medly helps by taking care of prescription paperwork and coordinating prior authorizations. This can remove a significant burden from office staff. This is also an important part of medication adherence. Patients that have to navigate through insurance paperwork before receiving their medication often do not receive their originally prescribed medication. We make sure to follow-up and work to minimize miscommunication and gaps in the authorization process.

making medication easier

Making Medication Access Easier Medly provides free, same-day delivery to your patient’s home or your office. We can track orders, delivery temperature-controlled prescriptions and fully communicate where medications are in the delivery process. Because refills can be an obstacle to medication adherence, we send reminders out 15-20 days before a refill is needed. Renewals are processed electronically or by phone or fax. If there’s an issue with a refill, we make it a priority to work on resolving.

Medly Helps You Help Patients with Chronic Conditions We have our roots as a specialty pharmacy, which means we have a deep appreciation for the needs of patients with chronic illnesses. We offer free specialty kits that provide everything a patient needs to stay consistent with their medication. This includes pill packs, sharps containers and notebooks for tracking doses.

To find out more about how Medly can help you with your medication management, reach out to learn how you can share Medly with your patients.


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