July 2, 2020
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Making Medly Magic: An Inside Perspective From Customer Experience


At Medly, our employees are our heart and soul. They carry out the mission of our company and embody our brand values. Without our employees, who do everything from package and deliver your medications, communicate with your insurance to ensure your medication is covered, and speak to your doctor’s office to make sure you’re getting the right prescription, Medly would be a different — and sadder, and lonelier — place.

One of our amazing customer experience associates was so excited about working at Medly that he decided to share his experiences as a new hire with us. Here’s one way we are making Medly magic, from customer experience associate Joseph Adams.

“When I told my grandmother I was working at a pharmacy she assumed it would be in a pharmacy technician capacity. After I explained to her exactly what my role was (more on that later) she told me that she had no idea how involved the process is. Well, it’s more along the lines of how involved the process can be.

“On my first day of training, our instructor went through a series of questions highlighting a traditional visit to a pharmacy. The main takeaways were long wait times and lack of employees. In other words an overwhelmed staff and irritated patients.

“And that is where Medly differs. Medly maintains the human connection that a neighborhood pharmacy promises while offering the conveniences and services of a much larger pharmacy. It truly is the best of both worlds. Delivery when you want, pick up when convenient and customer service that is both expeditious and compassionate.

“I am a Customer Experience Associate. My role is to provide customer service with hospitality and empathy. So, what does that mean? Where does that differ from a conventional pharmacy?

“It starts at the beginning, with training that emphasizes understanding and care. Mock phone calls ensure the Customer Experience family recognizes the importance of word choice and the disconcerting affect poor diction can have. We have open communication where we can discuss and suggest solutions to one another.

“Our supervisors realize the importance of customer satisfaction so we are offered the freedom to ensure that our patients have their concerns answered. The debilitating effects of a call quota are avoided and instead we are offered the headway to follow up with patients. To make our patients’ experience our number one priority!

So, what does it boil down to? Experienced, diligent management and a large, eager customer experience core. Medly Pharmacy has the personnel to offer a first class experience. And possibly more important it has the right tools in place that assure associates are trained properly and genuinely have our customer’s best interest at heart! I know I do!”

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