August 3, 2021
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Medly Spotlight: Jessica Bonilla, Director of National Accounts


At Medly, we combine free, same-day prescription delivery with expert, always-on customer care to communities throughout the nation. Our employees work to provide accessible and personalized care, to each of our patients, and to extend that care beyond the doctor’s office.

This week, we’d love to highlight a member of this important team: Jessica Bonilla, whom we’ve spotlighted today. From her favorite food (chicken wings) to her work at Medly as the Director of National Accounts, read below to find out more about who Jessica is and what she does.

Why did you decide to work in the healthcare industry?

Growing up, one of my first jobs was helping my older cousin at her self owned pharmacy. I saw how connections with patients were made and how a pharmacy can impact a patient’s everyday life. That always stayed with me. As I got older, I developed an interest in marketing and fell in love with the science of sales. Finding Medly and becoming a part of the team has been an amazing amalgamation of two passions for me !

What’s your role at Medly?

My official title is Director of National Accounts where my role is to inspire my teams to be the best version of themselves and lead them down the path towards success by maintaining focus on exceptional patient experience.

Why did you choose Medly?

In the past I worked closely with other specialty pharmacies but there was always something missing. When I met with CEO Marg Patel and heard what Medly’s mission was I knew I’d found that something. Medly wanted to make a difference. From then I knew this is where it was going to happen and I’m excited everyday to help fulfill Medly’s mission.

In your opinion, how is Medly different from other pharmacies?

Medly has many strengths that set it apart from other organizations yet to me the most important is that we focus on being patient centric and helping our patients receive the care they deserve. We want the patient’s experience to be stellar from start to finish, every time.

In your opinion, how is working for Medly different from other companies you’ve worked for?

In my previous companies I always felt like I was selling a product – it was just business. For me Medly is so much more than that. I feel like I’m part of something so much bigger than just a product. At Medly I’m getting to see the future of the industry develop and I get to be at the forefront of it.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Brainstorming with the team! Getting to work with creative, motivated, forward thinking people makes it fun. Our collaboration to improve our customer experience is exciting because we all have the same goal – to be the best. We aren’t complacent with where the industry is and are always looking to see where we can improve things. We are always in motion.

Now for some fun stuff. What is your favorite food, favorite movie and what do you like to do for fun?

  • Favorite food: Chicken wings, well done – I’m into the texture of a good crunch 🙂
  • Favorite movie: It’s a bit of a toss up for me between The Shawshank Redemption and Fight Club.
  • Hobby: I love to travel and create memories thru experiences which has lead me to become a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I’ve gone skydiving, bungee jumping off bridges in different countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. I secretly hope to do some extreme sport activity on each continent someday. But my most favorite thing is spending time with my 7 & 5 year old nieces – they keep me laughing and always make me feel special because I’m the “coolest Tia” according to them 🙂

About Medly Employee Spotlights

Medly is filled with all kinds of people united in their passion to help others. We’re grateful for the commitment and contributions that our talented team makes every day. In this series, we’re sitting down with Medly team members to get their unique perspective on what it’s like to work at Medly and support our growing community of patients and providers.

Medly is hiring! To join our growing team, check out our careers page careers page. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be shining the spotlighting on you next.

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