August 7, 2020
2 min. read

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Wellness


A bullet journal is a type of do-it-yourself planner created by Ryder Carroll. There are many YouTube videos on this subject because the planner is extremely versatile. Using this type of planner, it is possible to track your health, wellness and fitness, along with almost anything else you would care to track. It is also possible to use a bullet journal to boost your productivity.

In order to get started, purchase a notebook that has dot grid pages (as opposed to lined) and several thin-tipped colored pens or markers (Staedtler Triplus fineliner pens are a good place to start).

Next, you should visualize your wellness goals. Try our 7 Steps for How to Set Goals blog to help you with concrete tips on setting all types of goals, including health and wellness goals.

After visualizing your wellness goals, break them down to annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Add these goals into your bullet journal as you create annual, monthly, weekly and daily spreads.

For example, your annual goal could be “Become less stressed.” Your monthly goals might include, “Research relaxation practices.” Your weekly goals could be, “Meditate five times a week.” That means your daily goals can include, “Meditate 15 minutes every weekday.”

Do you see how you can break down your larger wellness goals into smaller and more concrete goals? After that, it’s easy to incorporate them into your planner layouts. This multi-level approach helps to make sure you actually accomplish your goals on a reasonable timeline.

Here are some more wellness-related spreads you could include in your journal: 1. Bucket List 2. Inspirational quotes and moments 3. A daily gratitude log 4. Habit tracker grids for meditation and exercise 5. Meal planning 6. Food diary 7. Sleep and mood tracker 8. Water and vitamin tracker 9. Post-therapy notes: Summary, things to remember, tough stuff, and for next time 10. Step tracker 11. Meal master list 12. Doctor’s appointments and check-ups tracker 13. Challenge tracker (push-ups, burpees, words written, etc) 14. Exercise log 15. Grocery Store lists 16. Healthy Recipes 17. Books you want to read or books you have already read 18. Smoothie recipes 19. Self-Care Ideas 20. Morning/evening routine

Keep in mind that the main goal of a bullet journal is to make it work for you. That means that all those beautiful spreads and layouts that you see on Pinterest and Instagram may not be right for your bullet journal.

You may only have time to jot down a few notes a day, but that’s perfectly all right. Even a few notes a few times a day are better than nothing when it comes to planning your life. The more your bullet journal reflects your personality and lifestyle, the better it will work for you.

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