July 2, 2020
1 min. read

Medly Brings Innovation and Ease to Customers in the Philadelphia Market


Medly Pharmacy, the innovative full-service digital pharmacy that has humanized the digital pharmacy experience, announced the official launch of operations in the Philadelphia market. With this development, Medly Pharmacy now serves three states: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

At this time, Medly is operating out of a location at 2842 Cottman Avenue in the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia. In the coming months, Medly will be relocating to a larger space, located on Walnut Street in Center City.

“We are pleased to announce our entrance into the Philadelphia market, the first stop along the way to expand our national presence,” said Dr. Marg Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Medly Pharmacy. “Our goal remains to provide an optimal customer experience, one which we can proudly say is working. We look forward to servicing our newest customer base.”

Medly Pharmacy, a digital pharmacy with dedicated brick-and-mortar locations in each city of operation, offers free, same-day delivery options to all patients. Customers have come to expect full transparency and the lowest co-pay options available, all while avoiding long lines at the pharmacy and receiving prescriptions in a timely manner. Coordination amongst medical providers and insurance companies also takes the patient out of what can often be a complicated equation.

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