February 3, 2021
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Medly Dr. Spotlight: Dr. Rodriguez


Dr. Rodolfo Rodriguez is an optometric provider in North Bergen, New Jersey who works closely with Medly to get his patients the prescription care they need.

Patient satisfaction

“Optometry was the clean profession,” he recalled, which is why he chose to go into the specialty. “I wanted a service profession to help patients and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted. I do feel that I make a difference in every patient’s life.”

Patient satisfaction is important to Dr. Rodriguez, which is why he finds optometry so satisfying. “How they walk out, seeing well, for the most part, instantly. Whether it’s a pair of glasses or whether it’s a foreign body, somebody who has metal in their eyes or uveitis and inflammation, pain in the eye. We treat it, they come in pain and literally they walk out feeling better.”

Welcome to Medly

What most impresses Dr. Rodriguez about new advances in the optometric space is the increasing effectiveness of medications. “Most of what I do is prescribe medications,” he said. It’s amazing from the time that I started practice to today, the innovation, just new pharmaceuticals, it’s amazing. I mean, glaucoma treatment when I started practice versus glaucoma treatment today, it’s just amazing. And I always say, I’m so thankful for innovations.”

Because of the prevalence of medications in the optometric sphere and his practice’s focus on customer satisfaction, his relationship with Medly is especially important. Dr. Rodriguez said, “Typically I use it when there is a problem or when I suspect there’s going to be a problem with the medications.” This is a nod to Medly’s excellent team that interfaces with both doctors and insurance companies to make sure patients get the medications they need, as the doctor has prescribed them.

“I’m certainly satisfied. Patients are satisfied. I have had patients who have called me to thank me because they have had a considerable saving on the medication. I think it’s ideal for patients to have that option.”

When it comes to insurance, one area in which Dr. Rodriguez is particularly grateful for Medly is prior authorizations. “Any assistance when we deal with prior authorization is helpful,” he said. This eases the burden of dealing with insurance on the practice, which Dr. Rodriguez says is considerable. “My staff deals with a lot of these issues, and whatever they can’t resolve, I get,” he said. “Or then, companies send in like five to 10 pages to either deny it, or approve the medication. So it’s just a waste of trees to deal with that.”

A Life Well-Spent

Dr. Rodriguez’s favorite part of being a physician is the personal satisfaction he feels knowing he has changed the course of someone’s life and been a part of their family’s story. “Having been in practice now for more than 30 years, I see patients that I treated, they’re children and now they have children. They come back and it’s just personal satisfaction. I see patients that come back sometimes after 10, 15, years. They still remember what I said,” he said.

Like many other providers, Dr. Rodriguez has enjoyed Medly thanks to its ease of use, its superior customer service, the assistance it provides with insurance and the way Medly works hard to ensure that all patients receive their critical medication.

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