February 3, 2021
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Employee Spotlight: Meet Our New CSO Raymond McCall


As the fastest growing digital pharmacy, Medly Pharmacy is continuing to expand our leadership team. Today, we’re proud to announce that as a result of that expansion, Raymond McCall will be joining our staff as Medly Pharmacy’s Chief Strategy Officer. McCall will help Medly Pharmacy deliver on its steadfast mission to democratize pharmacy access throughout the nation.

McCall joins the Medly team with over 27 years of leadership experience, holding a proven track record of turnaround success in both retail and pharmacy environments. Most recently, McCall served as President of XIL Consulting where he leveraged his deep industry expertise to lead strategy, innovation, and key client accounts.

In addition to overseeing the consulting budget, McCall was responsible for generating new revenue streams and serving as an advisor to C-Suite Fortune 500 executives that define the prescription drug market, including retail pharmacies, PBMs, drug manufacturers, wholesalers, and generic manufacturers. At Medly, we viewed McCall’s extensive network and relationships with all the stakeholders in the pharmacy ecosystem as a key differentiator in the recruiting process.

Prior to XIL, McCall was a Senior Vice President at AholdUSA, and a Vice President of Pharmacy Operations at Albertsons. McCall, throughout his career, has maintained the passion in the belief that a healthy work culture creates a distinct competitive advantage, and that an authentic and engaged leader is the key to inspiring and developing teams that exceed all expectations.

At Medly, McCall will lead the build-out of a world-class strategy and identify new markets for growth opportunities for both 2021 and beyond. McCall will spearhead relationships with current and future external partners that are pivotal for Medly’s success, including but not limited to: health plans, managed care organizations, hospitals, health systems, telemedicine and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

“I started out my career as a pharmacist because I simply wanted to help people — and that is still true today,” said McCall.

“Although my career has taken me from behind the counter to managing various types of businesses in the pharmacy and retail industries, my ‘why’ still remains the same.”

“I am eager for this opportunity and to begin my journey with Medly Pharmacy. With close to three decades of industry experience, I couldn’t be more excited to join a company that is shaping the future of the pharmacy.”

“Our team is excited to welcome Raymond to the Medly family,” said our CEO and Cofounder Dr. Marg Patel. “Raymond’s background, experience, and work ethic will further propel us to reach our potential and be the very best we can be while increasing our market share, revenue, competitive differentiation, customer experience and satisfaction.”

Read the official full press release, here.

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