August 19, 2021
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How Does Medly Find the Lowest Prices for My Medications?


No matter your insurance or your coverage, most of us worry about the cost of our prescription medications. And that’s with good reason. Medications can be expensive. The average American now spends over $1,200 a year on medications. Some medications costs can rise into the six-figures annually. Because they need to be taken regularly and oftentimes require monthly refills, prescriptions can become increasingly difficult to pay for.

That’s why Medly has made it a priority to offer the lowest prices on medications. Here’s how we help you control the costs of your much-needed medications. To date, Medly has been able to save patients over close to 13 million dollars.

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How much will my prescription cost?

We use the insurance information that you provide to us in order to get you the best pricing options. Your cost will depend on your insurance and the medication that you’re receiving. We’ll help you understand your costs before you make any purchases. That means you’ll see what your copay is (if there is any) and what insurance deductible you currently have. Whenever possible, we will apply for financial assistance so that you don’t have to worry about filing the paperwork.

Whether you’re using traditional insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or paying out of pocket, Medly will give you the information you need to know to clearly understand costs before any order is placed.

How does Medly find the lowest price for my medications?

We use a multi-step process to ensure you’re paying the lowest possible prices for your medications. That includes: 1. Checking for financial assistance which may be possible from drug companies and suppliers.

  1. Researching and applying available discounts. You probably don’t want to spend all of your free time searching for manufacturer’s coupons and discounts. We find savings from manufacturers coupons and copay foundations. We automatically check for these discounts each and every time we receive a prescription.
  2. Double checking for discounts at the time of your refill for every medication you take.

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How can I pay for my prescription?

Here at Medly, we’re all about making your prescriptions more convenient for you. That’s why we created a delivery system that allows you to get your medications hand delivered right to your door by our trained team of in-house drivers. We also made it more convenient to access help. Our Medly pharmacists are available 24/7, 365 days a week to talk to about any medication questions or concerns you may have regarding your medications and Treatments.

We make paying for your prescriptions easy as well.

  • Use the Medly mobile app via your phone
  • You can also pay with your driver at time of hand off.
  • We accept all major credit cards and cash on delivery.

How Else Does Medly Cut Down on Costs?

While Medly makes sure you’re getting the best rates on your prescription medications, we also offer services free-of-charge that make your treatment plans more convenient and predictable. These include:

  • Same-Day Free Delivery
  • Free Pharmacist Support
  • Mobile Order and Tracking

Why does Price Matter at Medly?

Simply put, we believe no patient should go without their much needed medication because they can’t afford to pay for their prescriptions. Did you know the cost of medications is the leading cause of nonadherence in the US?

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A whopping 94% of patients whose income fell below $25,000 said they skipped purchasing their medication because of the cost. Over 10% of this group ended their treatment due to excessive costs surrounding it. It’s statistics like these that made us want to create a system that helps to make prescriptions more accessible to all patients.

Surprisingly, this same study found that the patients who needed the discounts the most were often the least to take advantage of discounts and coupons from drug manufacturers. That’s why Medly’s automated discount search system is so important.

Medly is Here for You

Medly is committed to providing the most convenient and cost-effective online pharmacy service to patients across the country. Best of all, it’s easy to make the switch. Just tell your doctor or provider that you’d like to make Medly your preferred pharmacy, download our app or you can also call and text us to receive updates on your prescriptions. We’re here for you.

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