April 23, 2021
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Medly Spotlight: Wellness Partnerships Manager, Giuliano DiNizo


Here at Medly we’re grateful for our employees’ hard work, dedication, and innovation. We’re asking questions to have you get to know them a little better and uncover how each person makes Medly special.

This week we’re chatting with Giuliano DiNizo, one of our Key Account Managers.

Read on to learn more about Giuliano, his international life, passion for helping others, and dedication to health and wellness.

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Tell us a little about yourself. I currently live in New Jersey. I was born and raised in NJ, but spent a majority of my childhood in Italy. I have dual citizenship in Italy and the United States.

I graduated with a BA in International Business from New Jersey City University. My hobbies include pheasant hunting, fishing, health and fitness.

Why did you decide to work in the healthcare industry? Health and fitness is a huge passion of mine, so to work in an industry that I feel very connected with and passionate about is something I am very grateful for. Additionally, I love that I work in an industry that is about helping people – that is very important to me.

Tell us about your role here at Medly? My role at Medly is a Key Account Manager. I assist with all of our Priority accounts by further cultivating key relationships to ensure they become and remain loyal to Medly. I also work closely with declining accounts to help repair relations and establish trust in the Medly Brand as their premier pharmacy.

That’s great, we appreciate your work. Why did you choose to work at Medly? I’m definitely aligned with Medly’s patient-centered vision for growth. I wanted to be a part of that development as I strongly believe in Medly’s culture, vision, and brand.

How do you see Medly as being different from other pharmacies? We’re focused on alleviating the administrative stress of medical staff while allowing the providers to get the best medicine to the patient. Medly is unique because we truly care about the patients’ experience.

What’s it like working for Medly? Medly is different from other companies, it has an inclusive and collaborative culture. Medly is also very supportive of fostering growth and development from within its internal talent pool. Medly cares about its people and is always looking for ways to develop key talent within the organization in order to grow and expand its presence in the industry.

What’s your favorite part of your job? Simply put – my favorite part of my job is helping people and building strong, authentic and long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners. Building trust is something that goes beyond a generic sales relationship. Trust comes with a genuine relationship that is personal and built on respect.

My relationships with my peers, customers and partners are incredibly important to me. The strong relationships that are created at Medly is another reason why Medly is unique from other pharmacies and companies in general.

Thanks, Gio. Great chatting with you!

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