May 11, 2021
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Medly Spotlight: Patient Experience Supervisor, Chantelle Knudson


At Medly, we combine free, same-day prescription delivery with expert, always-on customer care to communities throughout the nation. Our employees work to provide accessible and personalized care, to each of our patients, and to extend that care beyond the doctor’s office.

One such employee is Chantelle Knudson, PX Supervisor, whom we’ve spotlighted today. Read below to find out more about Chantelle’s background, interests, and what brought her to Medly!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was Born and raised in Price, Utah and love spending time with my wonderful husband, four kids, four grandchildren, my parents, brother and fam. I graduated from Ogden’s Weber State University in the Stone Age with a BS in communication/PR emphasis and a piano performance minor. Music has always been an integral part of my life.

I won the Utah Collegiate Music Teacher’s Association Concerto Competition with a recorded and published performance of Aram Khachaturian’s only Piano Concerto. I also lived in Italy and Switzerland. Prior to Medly, I served as a senior living Marketing and PR Director for 20 years.

My other interests include paddle boarding, kayaking, cleaning my house (serious OCD), community trash abatement, tennis, pickle ball, shopping, and traveling. I have a passion for all things Italian. My future goals and aspirations include earning a Master’s degree, recording a New Age piano children’s album (for my grandchildren), serving a humanitarian mission, and becoming a better golfer and human being.

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Why did you decide to work in the healthcare industry?

I love being part of a function that improves peoples’ quality of life with career growth and development. I love to go home at night feeling like I made a difference.

What’s your role at Medly?

As PX Supervisor, I ensure my team of 12 has the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to pull their weight assisting patients efficiently.

Why did you choose Medly?

After watching the Fox News interview with our CMO Chirag Kulkarni about Medly, I was sold. I knew then that Medly was a force to be reckoned with in the pharmaceutical space. I then responded to a job posting in January of 2020 and was part of the first graduating agent class in February 2020 along with our fantastic leader, Gina Gonzalez.

In your opinion, how is Medly different from other pharmacies?

It’s rare to find a company where upper management interacts, listens and is accessible to all employees and listens attentively to their ideas and suggestions

In your opinion, how is Medly different from other companies?

I love the Medly culture and commitment to getting our patients the best prices without gouging them with added costs for delivery or other services. This proved especially beneficial during the pandemic!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Witnessing the positive growth and personal and professional development of our agents as employees and individuals.

What’s your favorite animal, favorite food, and favorite movie?

My favorite animal is a cheetah. My favorite food is great BBQ, diet Rockstars, and all things coconut! I have a lot of favorite movies. I would say it’s a toss-up between Eat, Pray, Love; Legends of the Fall; The Descendants; The Godfather Trilogy; Jaws; and James Bond.

About Medly Employee Spotlights

Medly is filled with all kinds of people united in their passion to help others. We’re grateful for the commitment and contributions that our talented team makes every day.

In this series, we’re sitting down with Medly team members to get their unique perspective on what it’s like to work at Medly and support our growing community of patients and providers.

Medly is hiring! To join our growing team, check out our careers page. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be shining the spotlighting on you next.

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